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Pew Research just released their survey of international Values. I find that I probably should be an European. It also identifies one of the reasons that I have trouble getting dates. 58% of American women think that you have to believe in god in order to be moral or have good values. However it doesn't identify how many of those are looking for an immoral man. So, maybe I still have a chance with some of them.

What do you think of the survey?

Go to Pewresearch.org and let us know what you think. 

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Yes, I had read this somewhere before. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Maybe our involvement in the middle east really is a crusade.


Like Robbie I think I am more European.

I trimble for my country when I read things like this.

Well, I probably won't go check out that web site, but I'm wondering if any woman would want to go out with an immature, somewhat sleezy, kinda shop worn guy, who has a bit o' the blarney circling around him?

I'll sure let the guy know, if there's any interest!


I forwarded your request as a query to The Pew Research Group. It should be featured in next weeks article.


OK, thanks Robbie!




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