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This is my little baby Mikki Meeowse.  My neighbor says I saved her but she really saved me.  She is my blessing when my life was going downhill.  Now I have love....who needs a man...LOL!  She loves me unconditionally and never leaves my side.  Don't you think she's precious?  What kind of pet do you have?

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One more....I love her.  Can you tell?  LOL!

It ain't half obvious Suthinsoul, so you keep placing all of these wonderful times

in your memory bank, you will cherish them even more one day.

this is my Peter

AAAWWWW!!!  How adorable!

Very adorable Peter.  How old is he?  Is he a poodle or does have some bichon in him?

he turned 3 in april,next week will be 3 years i had him,he's 1/2 poodle,1/2 bichon.

He is precious.  I love that mix, because they make beautiful dogs.  I knew someone who had a couple of them and they were so sweet and cute. 


Oh poor baby.  Those jammies are the bomb!!!

he had what they call "hot spots"that crazy lookin' cone saved his paws,but he sure looks silly.

My baby.  Rocky.  Like you, Suthin.....I supposedly rescued him, but it's really been the other way around.  The best friend I have in the world.  He's almost 13 now, and it tears me up to think I may not have him much longer. 

what a mighty handsome fellow.




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