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How topical, considering it's Easter time....

I love em...I might even get cutesy and do something special with em...I do have a week off...might even make me a glittery Peeps sweatshirt...ya never know....

Done anything fun with em before?

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Fun, I saw a vanilla martini on FB with a peep. Cute things. Since it will be just us two I won't be doing much decorating for Easter this year. For some reason I've never liked celebrating Easter even as a kid. I didn't like eggs or the super sweet candy and am not a fan of ham. I guess for me the holiday is all about the food.

I've loved Peeps for every one of those 60 years, too, lol!  They are the work of an evil conspiracy designed to destroy any healthy life style I am working on at any time, lol!

now i can see this communal thingie....bulk purchases of peeps...glittery sweatshirts with white tennis shoes....eeeee...where do i sign ?

and an occasional peep fest perhaps...just thinking here...doesn't have to be glittery sweatshirts either...glitter goes with most anything....you know you like peeps....

I personally like to blow them up in the microwave

Lot of sugar in those Peeps . Was gonna purchase a pick till i read the sugar content ....

That's why I love 'em.  I'm addicted to sugar!  Good thing I'm not diabetic and I try to avoid sugary foods for the most part!

All sugar...marshmallow, coated with colored sugar, and sprinlked with sparkly sugar...that's the idea ...sweets are meant to be a treat....not meant to be a health food or to be eaten all the time. 

How long would they live in a landfill?

I don't care; I love 'em! 

Funny....most of my great grandkids don't.

We have a lot of peeps when we sing . We can't see them but they there . Love my peep's ...

A little more peepmania...It's not even  Easter yet...




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