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How topical, considering it's Easter time....

I love em...I might even get cutesy and do something special with em...I do have a week off...might even make me a glittery Peeps sweatshirt...ya never know....

Done anything fun with em before?

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I would totally drive this care, lol!

cuter than a meat dress...

Couldn't wear the dress - I'd be naked before I got wherever I was wearing it because I'd be picking the peeps off, eatin' em!

Truly a dress to peep in then...smile!

I love the blue ones, haven't seen them before.

David Letterman had a play on Peeps tonight.  He introduced I guess what one might call the anti peep.  Instead of ground up marshmellows fluffed up to look like chickens, he showed ground up chickens fluffed up to look like marshmellows, called Fluffs.


The cops picked up some other chicks, but they weren't her peeps.

I didn't do it...profiling, thats what it is...




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