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Pastor Of Gun-Toter At Obama Event Prayed For Obama To Die Justin Elliott | August 27, 2009, 3:14PM

Chris Broughton, the man who brought an assault rifle and a handgun to the Obama event in Arizona last week, attended a fiery anti-Obama sermon the day before the event, in which Pastor Steven Anderson said he was going to "pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell", Anderson confirmed to TPMmuckraker today.

Anderson also said Broughton had informed the pastor about his planned show of arms-bearing, but "he planned out the AR15 thing long before he heard that sermon," delivered Sunday August 16 at the fundamentalist Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ.
his is the second example of the gun-toters at the Arizona Obama event tied to the violent fringes of American life.

"I don't obey Barack Obama. And I'd like Barack Obama to melt like a snail tonight," Anderson said in the sermon.

The sermon, which was titled "Why I Hate Barack Obama" and also contained virulent anti-gay themes, continued:Listen to the full sermon here:

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Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's the scripture says. In this nation, Caesar has been chosen by the will of the people. Those who would use the pulpit to preach condemnation and advocate death unto Caesar stand in opposition to the will of the American people, their own scripture, and thus by interpritation, THEY STAND IN OPPOSITION TO THE WILL OF GOD.

By God let them be judged.

This fits in well with what is being advocated by many Right Wingers. No surprise to me. And this type of behavior is being touted as doing what is best for the country before Obama ruins everything. I doubt majority really see it this way however.
He's going to get some nutcase in an uproar. This "preacher gets my idiot badge!

That pastor is a real kook even dangerous....... I hope no one sits, listening to his sermons for twenty years, and then tries to run for President......... He sure wouldn't get my vote, that would be crazy.......

Just for the record, I seriously think this Tempe, Arizona pastor is nuts and dangerous, and the man who brought the gun to the President Obama event, is also........
It is interesting to note the increase in heart rate as I read this. I don't suppose a review of those slain within the last 14 months in high profile acts of murder are all that necessary or useful.

Reciprocity certainly seems called for. After all, as they themselves would say . . . never mind.

scumbags . . .
It's also interesting to note the NON Interest in this..hmm...wonder if this happened with Bush..betcha there'd be alot of screaming about it from those oh so quiet about this...those pro-life people. Those Patriotic flag wavers,
Oh wait, they're all planning tea parties, making their cheap signs to carry and figuring out what lie to put out next.
It is written: by the fruit of the spirit you will know them . . .

and: the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, . . .

and therefore are they known, by the fruit of their own lips. Adorned with the holy vestments they do preach hate, intolerance, and wrath without cause.

Therefore, BY GOD let them be judged . . .
I wonder what was the outrage level when someone tossed a grenade at Bush in Russia? How about when Michael Moore and his wannabees preached sedition for 8 years portraying assassination attempts on a president in their movies? What was your outrage level when the great oracle in DC sat through 20 years of preaching filled with hate towards America and yet he was given a pass? I didn't see much outrage and indignation when an Iraqi threw his shoe at our president. Just wondering.

I'm not condoning the actions of this pastor for they do not reflect what the Bible teaches. But if you're going to demand tolerance then tolerance should be extended to all. Not seeing that here or did I miss something?

Zendog nice to see you got religion..... :-)
I am familiar with the scripture . . .

I am also familiar with the fact that Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009; Stephen Tyrone Johns - June 10, 2009 [security guard at the Holocaust Museum]; Bill Gwatney [a Hillary superdelegate] August 13, 2008; Greg McKendry & Linda Kreager, July 27, 2008; were all slain by right wing wing nuts, for various political and/or religious reasons.

I don't recall hearing of a religious or politically motivated act of murder perpetrated by an African American church goer -- have you?

Michael Moore is satire, I think we all recognize satire when we see it don't we?

And as for the Iraqi shoe thrower, there were extenuating circumstances. The fact is that up until Obama entered into the race for President, the Neo-Conservative plan called for a 50-100 year occupation of Iraq. And that particular Iraqi had experienced just a bit too many dead people due to our policy at the time.
Lets not forget Officers Paul Sciullo II, Eric G. Kelly and Stephen J. Mayhle, Apr 4, Pittsburgh, slain by Beck acolyte Richard Poplawski who feared our guns would be taken away.
I was troubled by these incidents that befell the Great Satan Bush. Rather, my fervent desire was for him and his cadre to face a Nuremberg style war crimes tribunal on the world stage. As any moral and freedom loving person would demand.
Can't say I'm surprised, didn't we see this type of not too subtle racism festering in the Palin rallies.




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