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Albert Einstein optical illusion This image looks like physicist Albert Einstein. However, move a few feet away from the screen and suddenly it'll transform into Marilyn Monroe

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Why do we see illusions? - Mark Changizi TED Talks

Interesting information Trish!

Not sure I would call this an illusion. More like find the needle in the hay stack. Can you find the face?

Found the face. How you bean?

Bottom center left. Never seen coffee with a head.

When I first found this, it just said "can you find the face." I looked at this darn thing for 10 minutes trying to make an image out of the beans. I thought it must be some kind of bean collage that made a face.. Finally stumbled across the face by accident. 

I give in - tell me, tell me pls

Oh, I wasn't expecting it to be so tiny, and thanks for ending my curiosity.

You very clever too, I don't know how to put a ring around a bean..

o...i....c  seems anything is possible nowadays :>))

This one looks familiar, but I'm too lazy to look through the last 12 pages. Sorry if it's already been posted.




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