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Albert Einstein optical illusion This image looks like physicist Albert Einstein. However, move a few feet away from the screen and suddenly it'll transform into Marilyn Monroe

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Well we have heard about a `Cat in a Hat'

but this looks like it could be an Easter Bunny...

From the page:

Take a look at this short and simple animated #gif showcasing the Jastrow illusion in action! The Jastrow illusion was first discovered in 1889, by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow. In this clip, both figures are identical in size, although the lower one appears to be slightly longer.
 photo oie_222048543d74NL4p_zpsbef46e16.gif

That's a good one Trish.

This one gave me a chuckle.

I saw this the other day. I'm amazed at their coordination.

Yes, and it is eye boggling too !

Ohh, how really, really clever !!!

Mandala Optical Illusion

 photo mandala-optical-illusion_zps61bcd7cc.gif

To me, this appears to be flowing from the right hand side to the left,

but with the centre remaining in the centre......MAGIC !




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