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Albert Einstein optical illusion This image looks like physicist Albert Einstein. However, move a few feet away from the screen and suddenly it'll transform into Marilyn Monroe

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Here's one that is momentarily startling called "The Hungry Eye".

 photo Body_paint_eye_lips_zps1dd84a79.jpg

This illusion is created with a real chair. 

After the man has turned the chair around in the opposite direction,

there is a weird shape located in the top left-hand corner of the seat.

I think I've watched this over thirty times now..lol.

Isn't that clever.

Aha - I see two trunks!

Ya made me look, ya made me look!  :D  :D  :D

It's an amazing picture hey.

The  Wonderful   M. C. Escher

 photo b_fugl_hest_zps9f94dc60.jpg

This is so amazingly creative - birds going back and forth,

entwined with umm, not sure what they are, prehistoric 

horses maybe, but they are going back and forth too.




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