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Weekend is almost here.  Time to think of things to do.  My plans involve a lot of Winter Olympic games.  I would also  be happy if we got some weather conducive with going out.  Are you going to be watching the Olympics?

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Yes, Ma'am! I love all the Olympics, but the winter ones are my favorite. I am a big fan of figure skating, skiing, snow-boarding, ski-jumping, moguls, bobsled and luge. Oh, and don't forget hockey! These young people have worked so hard to get there, and they can have their hopes and dreams destroyed in less than a minute. It can't get much more dramatic than that. Of course, I root for the U.S.A., but it's fun to see an underdog come out of nowhere and blow us away. Last night I fell in love with a young Asian figure skater. He was amazing; he scored higher than the favored Yvgeny Pleschenko. If we can't win it....I'd like to see him succeed. I am a big Flying Tomato fan. (Shaun White). My oldest great grandson is a big fan of Shaun's and wears all his clothes and uses a White skateboard. Rocky and I will go out today to run some errands and take a walk. But over the weekend I will be content to stay home, watch the Olympics, and work on my boa that I'm crocheting. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Usually don't watch, but went to a lecture last night by a figure skating judge. He parents and her and her brother were all professional skaters, (Palmers) now she just judges.She showed us lots to look for and what each thing means and how they score. It was a very interesting 2 hours went by really fast.

Last night I was in Birmingham, Alabama.  I drove south to escape the sub-zero temps and too-many inches of snow in southern Illinois.  Today the road-ice under my car (near the tires) melted and dropped off.  Hooray!  Now I'm over in Jackson, MIssissippi (it's not as hot as a pepper sprout, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 57).  Even if it's mostly just driving, I am so glad to have a couple days away from the Winter From Hell.

Bob, it seems like this winter has been bad just about everywhere.  We don't usually have long bad winters here in Maryland, but it's been awful this  year.  Ice finally melted.  I love your idea about escaping the bad weather.  57 must seem like a heat wave.  Have fun.




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