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As a take off from Miss Q's thread, tell us what you would wait in line for......say at least one hour?


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For me, nothing is worth waiting in line longer than an hour.
Come on now......wouldn't you stand in line for George longer than an hour???
Wel-l-l-l-l....yes, I would make an exception for George.


A Helly Mae Hellfire autograph.
Is that a friend of Clod's?
Q, just for the heck of it I Googled Ms. Hellfire. From what I saw, I'm pretty sure she isn't a friend of Clod's. Of course I'm just assuming Clod doesn't have a 10 inch penis.
Oh my!
A glass of Bob's Lemonade on a hot summer day.

A talk with Jesus.


Great answer Dot!

Not really standing in line but I've waited over an hour to see my doctor.




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