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OK- Would Somebunny Let Me In On Pru's Thing w/Rabbits?

Alright, I've had enough. I am obviously completely out of the loop on a thing Pru has w/rabbits. What is it?!

She sends Happy out hunting for them & cooks one up
for supper every Saturday night?
(somehow I'm guessing Happy would jump at the sight
of a rabbit & then play nice w/it)

~ ~ ~

She was in the boat w/President Carter during the infamous killer rabbit attack?
(there she is, in the front of the boat, right behind that tree)

~ ~ ~

The dust bunnies under her bed came to life
& she had her own Nightmare on Pru Street?

~ ~ ~

She was out on an innocent walk by herself one day, in the lovely
Texas countryside, & a giant rabbit approached her & scared the
bejeezuz out of her, causing her to spend all of her retirement
on therapy for Giant Rabbit PTSD?

~ ~ ~

She was in a great love affair with Roger Rabbit, until he ran off
with that red-headed floozy, Jessica, and now she's turned against
all rabbits b/c of that lowdown, lyin', cheatin', two-timin' Roger??  

~ ~ ~

Come on, somebunny - dish!

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she grew up infatuated with Elmer J. Fudd who was notorious for 'Wabbit Hunting', and hated Bugs Bunny, he was a 'Crazy Wabbit"
She's so impressionable, that Pru.
She has always impressed me.




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