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Have you seen those TV ads claiming to help people pay less on the taxes they owe to the government? Some of the people are rejoicing because they owed millions (not exagerating) but thanks to the company they got off with only paying a couple of thousand.
I don't understand how people can owe that much in back taxes. I can't help but wonder how much money the government loses each year to those who fail to pay their taxes and then find a way to get out of paying what they owe.
I'm not talking about honest mistakes that people make. One year we paid our taxes but forgot to file. The government cashed the check and took our money and then, a couple of months later they fined us for not filing! We had to pay a penalty because we didn't send the paperwork in with the check. They could have called us when they got the check and said, "Hey, we think you forgot something," but no! They cashed the check and waited until after the deadline and then fined us. No big deal. We made a mistake, we paid the fine.
I'm talking about the people who knowingly fail to pay hoping they won't get caught or that someone will bail them out.
What really bothers me is that the Feds would have come after us had we not paid the fine. We would have had to pay court fees, lawyer fees and any penalty they levied against us. We work for the gov't so we could have lost our jobs, our homes and retiremments.
And yet, thanks to these wonderful new tax consulting firms, people can decide not to pay their taxes and get away with it. They can find legal ways to get out of their responsibility to their country, their community and their neighbors. Their irresponsibility affects our schools, our local police police and emergency servicies, our men and women in the military--even our health care system.
The mass media always talks about the way government wastes money. Perhaps they shoud talk about the people who get out of paying taxes forcing the rest of us to shoulder the burden of their failed responsibilities.

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Yeah Lobo, I've wondered about this since I saw the first TV commercials for these companys. It seems to be a cottage industry for retired IRS workers and also some who decided that it would pay better than government work. Makes me wonder how much of the results stem from the "good old boy network" within the IRS.
Some of those are exaggerated by the attorneys.
Sometimes it is better for the government to settle out of court/attachments.
If you have tax problems, the government usually wins as they will take a percentage of what you earn and take everything you own.
These ads just sound like another sucker's racket, kind of like credit card debt forgiveness, real estate for nothing down, etc.
ROF LMAO ... I haven't paid taxes for the last 4 years !!!
I didn't need a tax lawyer either !!!
I didn't pay anybody to do my returns and I certianly didn't pay the IRS !!!
I just read the IRS 1040 Tax booklet and associated tax forms and figured out "what they wanted me to say".
It's all legal, too....
But first ..yah have to become unemployed and retired in order to beat the Tax Man ..!
OMG where's the LMAO kudo. I do so miss those! Good one brine.

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Yeah Let's beg the government to RAISE taxes, especially for those who are with age, disability or not of working age.......

I find the tax laws to be very confusing and I often suspect that there's some way I could file that could save me a little more money.  I would be delighted to have that money.


However, I would never cheat or lie on my taxes.  First because I believe that it is ethically wrong, and second because there is no statute of limitations on tax crimes.




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