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What is it that you prefer not to hear any more?

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How much people "should" weigh.

That people are unpatriotic or un-American if they don't have just the same exact political beliefs as the person speaking.

That's so annoying PTB.  I believe I'm patriotic and I stand for the National anthem.  When I was younger I stood in my own living room before a game.  When I lived in Maryland I was a registered democrat.  After the way they have acted over the last four years I refuse to declare a party here.  Hopefully with time things will get better with the Biden administration.  Going to take a long time for parties to re align themselves with the center of their respective party.  Just my humble opinion.

That phone call telling me my car warranty is expiring. 

Karin, I hear you.  I haven't owned a car since 2011, but I get the same calls and emails.  If someone calls me, they better text and tell me if they want an answer, because if you're not in my phone, I don't answer it.  The ones that really tick me are the ones when you do answer the call, there's no one there and they think you'll wait for an available operator. 


I'm with Syble...the warranty expired in 1997. Also that there are charges on my Amazon account (don't have one), they can save me money if my credit cards have more than $5K on them (they don't)....etc, etc, etc.


AMAZING. It seems to be everyone's comment for everything. Not everything is "amazing". Find a better word. Oh....and quit saying, "Nucular". It's "Nuclear". Even pros on TV did it. Jay Leno did it. Geo. Bush said it.

My granddaughters favorite word is awesome.

 I get the car warranty calls everyday and a call saying it's my medical supply company and time to reorder. I don't have a warranty on my car and I don't have a medical supply company.




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