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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier...

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guess no one's lonely
guess no one cares anymore
'cept you and me babe

Dance with me, Baby!

now that we found love
i'm feelin' hunky dory...
i love you to death

believe i'll love you
as long as i am livin'
you got a good friend

i wanna go too
when you walk away from me
another country...

don't know the future...
whether we survive or not
my last day is yours

now that i've found you
i've built my world around you
baby, i need you

some are young...some old
everyone you know travels
the great western road

my baby's too hot
if you don't believe it...watch
uptown funk you up

....and if you watch it

it will be impossible

to not tap that foot

Good ol' Puddles doing a song by Glyn Styler--I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or eat a cake in bed...

i know you're crying
nothing anyone can do
so come cry with me

so come cry with me

tears of grief, lost my love

my misery lasts

it's not gonna stop--
the endless roller coaster--
until you wise up




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