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I noticed that we have a new member by the name of Julia Knaake. Welcome aboard Julia. We are informal here. No need to be nice and sweet. Be as crabby and cranky as you wish. Feel free to post a new topic about anything in your life that is making you crabby. 

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New topic:

Does anyone have an experience to share about House guests from Hell.

Even tho my Ma told me to always be kind to others, this old batty bat 

will never never ever enter my home again!

Umm...I'm afraid that I can't contribute much to the discussion. I don't even remember the last time I had a house guest...other than my wife and she has been here 28 years. Her welcome is wearing thin. Tell me, Julia, how did your house guest from hell turn into such a bad experience for you?

Actually I was just picking your brains for a dear daughter. The daughter   was quite welcome but she brought with her what was a long time friend of hers and mine sort of.  I watched this person grow up next door into a sweet young lady....but she was horrid. Selfish, demanding, hogging the TV, sneaking food even tho I make quite good meals, we eat the Mediterranean diet and are very healthy at ages 76 and soon 86....I could go on and on but I was just picking brains.  Daughter finally had it and told her off in a kind way also saying she would Never would take her on a trip again...I told daughter I would have taken the woman to a truck stop and left her there but daughter reminded me that I really would not have done that...I told daughter nope I probably would have hog tied her in the back seat with a piece of good old duct tape across her mouth and a depends for her frequent P stops, candy stops and Monster drinks....my daughter is nicer than me

Hi Aggie,

You will be happy to know I am not this balloonist looking woman anymore

I have introduced Keith to the healthy Mediterranean diet  the old timers

in Greece consume.  I am slimmer, he is missing his brownies but I have devised a

nice recipe using shredded Zucchini and less sugar to make the new moist brownies.

This way he can have his chocolate fix.

We enjoy more veggies & fruits and less meats and are doing great as elders...Google

says on one site that if you are 65 or older you are elder...HAH I can run rings around

some youngers...especially the ones that do not know how to make change for you

without just plopping it into your hand with one hand while playing their phone in the other

If George Orwell were alive he would go to the hills and hide from society!




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