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My blog is removed from my page: invasion of privacy.

I want to know what people have to say. I write about computers. My article 'Kaspersky Anti Virus Software' was posted on MY PAGE and it is removed by MysticalMaria and Bull from MY PAGE. It is unheard of. It is an invasion of privacy. It means that Bull and MysticalMaria have the right to delete whatever they please including YOUR content. I also need to know if Robin Wolaner is aware of the situation.

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45 !!!
Golly...now it's 54!!! Power to the people!!!
I will continue to fight every ones' right to be wrong...so be it.!
Okay...I've bitten my tongue just about as much as I can stand. Not one to pipe up on tense issues but this one is totally over the top.
If some one....names not mentioned...is unhappy with the way TBDv2 is set up...then leave. Pack up your marbles and make haste. Start your own Ning and invite 'all' your friends to follow...some might follow...some might not.
I've had one invite to moderate on TBDv1 and declined due to the broad over all behaviour of a certain member....I chose not to set myself up to constant scrutiny and patronizing....the fun and humour would have gone sour.
So, I will just continue to lurk...smile and shed a tear or two but I will abide by the TOS set forth here on TBDv2...I have no answers to save you all from the evils out there...I'm on my own.
This is not a tense issue. It is right or wrong. I do stand up for what I believe in. I do not care if it is a web site or the right to carry the flag. I have rights, as do you. You are am american. You are the same as saying if you do not like the way the country is run, leave it. This is not the way I think we should do in America. Thank you.
Thank YouJaylee! I agree. If you don't like the playground, take your ball and go home. TBD is my only experirnce with any social network. I don't do facebook, I don't twitter,I am not a computer geek. Hell. I don't even know what other sites are out there, and I don't care. I started with TBD I, and reluctantly joined TDB II. To be honest, I really do not like TBD II, especially because I got spoiled by the closness I felt with members of TBD I. That being said, I am still here, BY MY CHOICE! This site is not perfect. TBD I was not perfect. If you don't like being here, please quit beating a dead horse, and move on.
PS> This is my final comment on this thread. I will no longer "feed" it and hope it dies the death I feel it deaseves.
Peace To All
Thanks Maria.

I know we need some standards but where is the line between helpful information and a link to find it and crass commercialism? Frankly I didn't see that Alla went over the line but was more informative.

I realize this one could be a hard call but I will follow whatever you guys come up with.

Hugs and thanks to all providing input and opinions out here and behind the scenes.

and I am not walking away, because this is a free country and we do have rights.even on a web site. WE are not in cuba---or USSR---god bless america !!!!!!
*Backing up....lookin' at this * Kinda reminds me of a bunch of grade school kids in a sand box...LOL
Is it that there is "shock" that there are moderators or the lack of exposure that the "election" got? Where was it posted that this happened and how much influence do the members have in who they are? I take it that this is not a democracy.

I am personally okay with how things have gone and am mostly just curious. Still, when something like Alla's situation arises, I think it is of interest to all and that it did surprise people, particularly when you and others came forward. Having said that, is it posted anywhere that you and the others are our moderators?

Maybe it should be posted and arrangements made for how moderators are selected or how a person can "aspire" to that responsibility. I am not equating this to being on the local bank board or city council but it's obviously important or this board would not have run 11+ pages.
Help me understand this....If I were to start a discussion group....say..Floss Fanatics. Would I not be the moderator of this group automatically? Would I have to run for election?
BTW, I know I AM an American....land of the free and home of the brave...to speak out....
I am curious and this goes to the heart of this whole discussion.
I have located Kasperky Lab's affiliate program. I put a link on my page. I would like to ask Alla if she is a Kaspersky affiliate. Do you receive a commission if someone either links to their site from your bog or links to their site and then purchases their product from your blog.
I know that you are involved in online marketing and just feel this is a question is worth asking.
I looked at this link briefly, and it brought AMWAY to mind. I could be naive and confused though.




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