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"Microsoft launched their Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) antivirus software with great fanfare in 2009, touting it as a 'comprehensive security solution' for Windows. And publicly, they still do. But the head of Microsoft's Malware Protection Center is singing a different tune -- even recommending AGAINST relying on MSE. Here's what you need to know…"

 To continue reading the rest of the article:  http://askbobrankin.com/microsoft_security_essentials_epic_fail.htm...

Interesting read; I used MSE a few years back but switched to AVG on advice from a computer tech, so don't really know much about MSE anymore.

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funny you should post this today officer .. i just got a new computer and my old computer which is really old but my backup hasn't seen much use lately .. so i fired it up and i got all these error messages cause i hadn't done much with it the last year .. and of course the avast was out of date and my windows defender was too .. so there i was sittin there wonder what to do .. so i updated my avast but i was still gettin that windows defender needs to be updated too message and i'm thinkin hmmmm .. why do i need two anti virus protections at the same time ?? contrary to what some might believe more is not better when it comes to anti virus programs .. they don't usually play wel with others . so as i was in the throes of updatin my windows defender i was startin to have 2nd thoughts . and when it got to the point of sayin if you have other antivirus protection on her uninstall it now .. so i did some diggin and came up with a few sites and basicly what they said was well windows defender works .. sort of .. but not as well as any thing else out there .. its better than nothin . but not as good as anything else .. so i never hit the button to install the windows defender and kept the avast .. it was a good article tho and worth readin . he didn't talk over your head and mostly just said stuff that we probably already know , but its nice to have someone who knows more than we do confirm it .. i also subscribed to his newsletter .. its free and i'm sure he'll try to sell me somethin along the way but if he gives me just a nugget of info i can use  every now and then i think it will be worth it .. good post tho and very timely for me .. 

Windows Defender is not a anti virus program. MSE is something apart from Defender.

Thanks, Frenchy; Rankin does do a good newsletter and I've gotta say you're right, he will down the road try to sell you something but that something has only ever been one of his books on computing.  So as these guys go, he's not too bad.  Another good newsletter I just recently starting getting is Brian Krebs'; if interested, here's the link to his site (his latest articles have been on Java and the Adobe hack, yeah a lot went over my head but still very interesting):  http://krebsonsecurity.com/.  




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