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I love movies! I go as often as possible and I love to hear opinions about the movies out there and your recommendations! I hope you join this discussion to leave an occasional comment about the last movie you saw or one you hope to see. Thumbs up or down? Let us know so we don't waste our time or money! Or we can fight about the film! All is fun.
I am talking about current popular movies showing at the theater...

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Ohh.."The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", last silent I saw, creepy movie.
I've seen the silent version of Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. Isn't that the most interesting film? I guess I am drawn to silent films and/or foreign films because of the wordless mystery.

Looks better than The Great Gatsby my wife just had me watch. Truth be told, I watched approx 2/3, and that was more than enough. (a guy can only check email, and pee so much, but I did a bunch!)

I'm guessing not many women will watch it, although it does have a relatively happy ending so to speak.

Yeah, I guessing that most women have a different idea about what constitutes a "chick flick".




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