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I looked outside and this was on my car hood this morning. Have you ever had that feathered ice on yours?

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I wonder how that happens? We left another one out all night but it didn't have that.

I have seen it, but never such large features. Quite impressive.

I have seen it on windshields and inside windows but never on a car hood.  You just can't outdo Mother Nature when it comes to beauty. 

That is impressive. I can't say that I've ever seen that and I've lived in MT for 26 years. Lots of frost on windshield, but not a lot of patterns. I think it's related to climate...pretty dry here, so less moisture to freeze.

I've never seen that before. It's beautiful. I'd try to take a picture of it.

"The patterns are the result of very tiny imperfections on the surface, such as scratches, specks of dust and salt, or the residue from washer fluid. These variations in the surface affect the way that the ice crystals form and branch out, forming the beautiful patterns captured like on your photo."

Symmetry combined with symmetry-breaking making art.

That is so cool Lilrain! Never saw anything like it.

Wow! I've never seen that before either. It's like somebody purposely drew that on your car.

Very pretty Lilrain.  Nature is a gorgeous thing.  Living in the foothills of the great smokey mountains I see it on a daily basis.  Last week you could see the snow capped mountain in the higher elevations covered in snow.  Looked like a dusting from here but they got about 6 or so inches.  No matter where you drive in this county there's a differnt picture of mother natur.  We'll go for a drive just to see different scenes.




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