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Missing dogs, cats, or small (maybe medium-sized) children?

What do you all think of the invasive species problem in Florida with the Burmese python and other exotic species? Hand reared Burmese are relatively easy to handle and care for at first, but they grow to be very large snakes. After a certain size, there aren't very many predators that can take them on. They are very adaptable and could possibly spread across the southern United States if not stopped. Almost anything can become a prey item when the snake is big enough.

Are we ready for this?

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I used to hunt boars with the Turks in the mountians of Turkey. We used little dogs to chase them to us. they weren't to hard to bring down with a 30.06 rifle and made for a very good pig roast.
You're right these pigs are really dangerous. As I understand it, most of these feral pigs came from domestic stock, but Russian boar were imported for hunting on private land and have escaped. I'm sure they can interbreed with feral pigs. I have never understood why there wasn't a concerted effort to wipe them out or at least severely know down their numbers.

I know some people think of them as game, but it's quite a different story if you're just hiking and come across one.
Actually Pru, they won't get too big. A big Burmese python could consume me (6ft 3in).
I Love IT.
May I recommend machetes, nets, rifles and shotguns?
What do we use on the Jaberwockeys? Does anyone have a vorpel sword?
Finding them (before they find you) is the issue. A huge python can conceal its entire body under decayed vegetation and virtually disappear form view. You could be standing right beside it and never know it is there...until it grabs you.

The feeding photo is a python that ate a pregnant sheep and then couldn't move itself off a road.

A pic of a python that actually exploded after swallowing a crocodile.




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