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I miss the big dance clubs and the dance music of the 70s and 80s. Do you?

If so, did you have any favorite clubs? Songs that rang your bell? Any stories...funny, happy, or, more likely, ~BLEEP~ , to tell?



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La Muff and my favorite new disco tune...hahahaha

NONE of the bad, but all of the good reminds me of you, Dearest. I like the simplicity and wistfulness of this song and the purity of Deniece's voice.

BOHANNON!!!! Classic house jam.

Sing, Luther!

Hold me, caress me, Draughn, in the glow of love.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Let's whip it, Baby!

Oh, Baby, dancing with you in a dark, packed club, pressed so close. Gyrating. Dipping. Twirling. Love and joy swirling off of us like beads of sweat.

I feel it right this second.

I'll always remember...

(Originally posted October 7, 2014 at 6:21am)

Here's to you, My Great Love.

"He's So Shy"

When I first saw him standing there
I longed to speak but did not dare
Something inside whispered to me
You'd better move in carefully

And then he smiled and turned away
That told me all he could not say
That's when I knew he wanted me too
But I had to do some breaking through

He's so shy, he's so shy
That sweet little boy who caught my eye
He's so shy, he's so shy
And he's much too good to let get by, oh yes he is

Now holding him gently through the night
Nothing has ever felt so right
And I'm so glad I took the time
That I had to take to make him mine

He can still do things to my heart
Just like he did right from the start
Each time I see that quality
That never stops attracting me

He's so shy (so good looking!), he's so shy (he's really got me goin'!)
That sweet little boy who caught my eye
He's so shy (I'm so glad I got to know him!), he's so shy ('cause he's one in a million!)
That I'll love him 'till the day I die, oh yes I will!

Oh, he's so shy (I love my baby!), he's so shy (Ya know he's drivin' me crazy!)
That sweet little boy who caught my eye
He's so shy (It took a long time to know him), he's so shy (And I'm so glad I got to show him!)
That I'll love him 'till the day I die, oh yeah!




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