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Welcome everyone, I am Ladyg your Mardi Gras hostess for the weekend. I would like to welcome everyone to Ladyg’s Place. Yesterday we had a lot of technical problems that prevented us from having our party. I hope that those things have been resolved. So we will start our Sunday off with some Beignets and coffee as we wait until noon to start our parade and all day party. We will be open every Saturday for Mardi Gras season for your enjoyment. Bring a friend, but remember if they do not belong to the Welcome Lounge they will have to join in order to participate in the fun. Ladyg - Owner Mary - Manager Lynn - Bartender

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He was gargling.
Um, hey Cuppa? No hug? No smooch?

LOL.........Cat.........*turning several shades of red in the face* LOL
Opps, sorry I was busy staring at a couple things you are wearing. {{{{{{{{{Smooch}}}}}}}}
LOL. . . *SMOOCH* right back at ya! I'm about ready for bed. And the party is just getting started.

((((((((((((Hogs and Quiches to all the ladies)))))))))))))
So lets party!!
I'm getting a little more than frustrated with this. . . think I'll head out. Maybe check in a little later if I'm still awake.




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