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How are you at making friends?  Do you find it easy or difficult?  I find I'm very good at making friends and find it very easy.  I like to talk a lot but have been told I'm a good listener.  

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Not that good a making friends since I don't trust people easily. If I'm part of a gathering I can mingle and talk to different people, but if I'm just in a crowd, not so well. Sometimes I feel that making friends is also dependent on how you feel that day. Days when I've felt isolated I find that I'm a bit anxious to connect with someone and I tend to reach out to my friends.

I am not good and making friends, but when I do they are usually really good friends. Most of my friends are long acquaintances, 30-50 years. My newest friend I've only had for about 4 years.It usually takes a while for me to warm up to people, because of the trust issue, and I sometimes think that they give up while I am trying to make up  my mind. so I guess it wouldn't have worked anyway.

I'm a hard person to get to know. People have to work at it. Thus the friends I have are very close. I don't have a lot of them though, but that's ok.

i'll give you a big ol' noogie.

A hand shake will suffice Timbo.

do I mess up your hair and call you "scooter"?

Yes. My flowing blonde locks are precious to me.

Johnnieboy, I would never have thought people would have a hard time getting to know you.  I don't let a lot of people really close to me.  I have one very good friend and another friend that I've been getting to know that lives in my building.  I know a ton of people though.  

Helen, it's probably me. After being married for thirty years and having that go pfft, I just am wary I guess.

Having a marriage go up in smoke hasn't made me wary of making friends, but it has made me very wary of meeting men to date. 

 It depends on where I am. If I am at a gathering  I don't have a problem talking to people. If I am out with a small group I sometimes feel uncomfortable. I enjoy people and am always glad to make friends.I have a couple of great friends I have met online.I don't like hundreds of friends like many people have on FaceBook. I like to keep track of my friends. I have about 50 on FB. I have to admit Some of them are friends on TBD too.Its nice keeping in touch. I have ben very lax about keeping in touch on TBD. I am going to try and do better.

Trusting people does get harder the longer we've been around, but I've found it's worth trying, because friends make life so much nicer.  




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