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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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you are my heart's song

your laughter the melody

your love the refrain

i feel you so close

just beyond my outstretched arms

your heart calling out


darkness tries to part

we two who are one being

the silence jibbers


it cannot sunder  

two souls annealed together

forged in heaven’s fire


love remains our fate

pure pervading truth of us

cross and salvation


take my hand in yours

trust what you have always known

there can be no end

watching a leaf fall

its beauty overwhelms me

and I think of you

wherever you are

i'll be here every christmas

still loving you so

all the things you are

deep, passionate, and complex

are all that i love

i grieve for your wrists
for the way you clear your throat
the tilt of your head


whimsical gestures
hands like a hula dancer's
shooing folks away


sexy reagan rejoinders
and stewart stutters


our constant laughter
and love so intense it hurts
in such a good way


sound of your footfall
your shirt hanging on a door
your "animal speak"

the way you drop things
and get tangled in headphones...
your grace when you dance


your humility
your amazing intellect
your innate goodness


your studious looks
the concern radiating to
a fearful student


your palpable joy

the frenetic wonderland

you let me play in


the need that fills you
broadcast through huge hazel eyes
when you cannot speak


your sweet sleeping face
so like a beautiful child

now only in dreams

love burns inside me

blue white flame purifying...

only you remain

from behind the veil

you reach out tentatively

your touch comforts me


stay, beloved, stay

let me feel your dear presence

ease my aching heart

despite cold logic

weighing the words and actions

despite evidence


flying in the face

of caution clothed as wisdom

and fear in its mask


my heart knows the truth

your once in a lifetime love

is all that matters


i will hold it close

my belief will not falter

and the sun will shine


fill me with your love

deny the darkness that calls

lift me to the sky

between the pages

i try to find the meaning

of words not written

my body vibrates

filled with your stardust and dreams

bright, undying love.




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