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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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as we go through time

the mind / body meld to one

lovers eternal

summer approaches...

i listen for your footsteps

the silence echoes


you speak without words...

stretching, the cat purrs loudly

without knowing why

Silent sneaky thief

Soft, tiny, warm and feminine

Loving you took all

(submitted with great care...please let me know if any of my art goes beyond your comfort level.)

Not at all...it's beautiful!!!!

And as for the haiku itself...feel free to make it as raw as you wish in the XXX-rated or Hot Haiku discussions. Pictures for those should probably remain "artistic," however, versus totally graphic :>), unless you can use a link which would give the reader a choice in what they want to view. (I, however, would love to see ANY photo you took. Of course, I'm terminally turned on. HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

puddle below us

we sneak a peek at ourselves

skating striders laugh


I love this view...joy in passing.

lazily touching

while admiring Motherwell

dreams of black night curl

your eyes riveting

your touch melts my very soul

it's hopeless, you know

hopeful or hopeless

caught in love's Gordian knot

it is what it is...


(For D. and me...)



dust accumulates

while lips and sweat co-mingle

dishes piled in sink




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