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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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things aren't always what they seem
great pain hones great love
first time date arranged
anxious jitters shake the soul
I hope this is a here and now thing, M.!

the first time we met
all my possibilities
donned your handsome face
in a cyber bed
our avatars' first embrace…
tentative and sweet

longing for so much
frantic to be together
we dreamt each other

we played out our needs...
what we would do in real life...
again and again

over time, real life
took the place of cyber dreams…
our love nest lay dark

something you don't know...
i still go to that small room
and sit on our bed
night becomes his eyes
mystic water colored depths
light can't penetrate

words arc like rainbows

glittering moments of you

span the universe

I never return

to the days of youthful love

I have grown with you

with this ring, i wed

with my body, i honor

our nation of two

heaviness below. 

deep thud crashes ribs again.

need her brown eyes now.

Ours is long past

still there are times in my heart

when I long for then

familiar comforts

the touch of an old friend's hand...

a rose among briars


Sweet.  I "felt" the comfort...




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