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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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bending everywhere
the curling waves roll over
and pull the covers
A year behind us.
Romance, passion. Amazing-
the love of my life.
hold on an nurture
nothing's permanent in life
live each day as last
Glad to see you, Taylor! Ain't love grand???

as each morning breaks
shining love awakens me
your face is my sun
Hi, Angharad. Thank you for the welcome - glad to see you, too.

. . . and YES! Love - it's amazing. . . beautifully, truly, magnificently, breathtakingly, exhilaratingly, joyfully, playfully, passionately, stop me in my tracks amazing. I'm more in love today than I was when I first started coming by here over a year ago. Wow.
Well, feel free to exorcise your love jones in this group, Taylor. I'm also madly in love, and would be more than tickled to share the record of "The Most Sappy Love Poems Written To One Man In A 24-Hour Period" with you!!!!! :>)

And I know what you mean...this love just grows and grows....
hahaha! I'd LOVE for you to share them w/me! And I can share some right back atcha! '-)
happy birthday, R.
a few days late, but heartfelt
love and good wishes
you straighten your tie
run your fingers through your hair
smooth your cummerbund

paragon of man
you step out into the night
and outshine the stars
There's a softening
your face gets, looking at me.
Melts my heart, you know.
Oh, Taylor...I know that look!

transfixed by your eyes
i lose myself in sea green
moonbeams pierce the deep
climbing the mountain
under snow peaked umber eyes
lunar caution light




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