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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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my distant lover

staring at the setting sun

turns east toward me

Oh, Drew. I see her.



door creak smile arrives

and now i am gone again...

memories clinging 


mojitos and bread

pressing hands wet and laughing

black umbrella

Perfect  snapshot.

we fall into bed

perfect in imperfection...

1,000 blossoms

all the days gone by

all the days that lie ahead

this moment, and this


these I give to you

all the roads i've ever walked

all i ever will

i lie in your arms

wrapped in your amazing love

filled with your essence


your eyes pierce through me

fracturing the isinglass

exposing my soul


you kiss my belly

"i'm here, inside you, right now"

i smooth your dark curls


"yes, i feel it too"

warm tears pool in my navel

“it’s a miracle”


your aging eyes shine

“have we the right to such joy?”

fear crosses your face


against all the odds

our great love has taken root…

“let the gods decide”

Simply put...wow.

I drift away with the memories you provoke...thank you.  I think I have to go call my children.

Thank you so much, Daddieo.  Yes...children, our treasure...bless all of them.

I asked her to come

a walk in the woods we two

who's seducing who

I'm wearing his shirt

Beneath his suit yesterday 

Better this morning

looking for true love

he walked the razors' dark edge

balancing deftly


crossing boundaries

he risked everything he had...

and still he pushed on


black seas and white snows

dark labyrinths, stark deserts

relentless, his dream


as hope was waning

he caught the scent of roses

and knew she was near


repressed desire welled

his pain flowed like a river

joy swept him onward


at last he found her

smiling and weeping… “my love,

I knew you would come!”


her arms were open

he reached out to embrace her

the rose and its thorns


her love pierced his heart

growing tendrils entwined them

sorrow was vanquished


as they sang of love

undying, and journeys’ end

all the world listened


peace reigned in their hearts

what was broken was mended

their souls became one


the darkness waited

for their love to fade and die

but it never did…





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