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Carmen Dell'Orefice: 'I stood up for age'

By Molly McGonigle 11 hrs ago

Carmen Dell'Orefice: 'I stood up for age' © Fadil Berisha for New You/. Carmen Dell'Orefice: 'I stood up for age'

Who says that a model's career can't be a long one? Not Carmen Dell'Orefice!

The beautiful 83-year-old recently appeared on the cover of New You magazine, which marks a 70-year career for Carmen.

But while so many models see their career peter out before they turn 40, Carmen says she's actually gotten more work since turning 50.

"I have had more magazine covers in the last 25 years than I have had in my whole elongated career," Carmen told New You. "Today I am in a territory that business considers unmarketable: age and white hair. Slowly, however, I started to own that territory little by little because I stood up for age."

Carmen doesn't just break down boundaries in the modeling world, though, she also wants to dismiss the notion that women of a certain age can't be sexual. "Of course [I still have a sex life], why would I give that up? Do I love to breathe?" she said. "If you have a Rolls Royce and it is up on wheels, you go in with the key and every now and then turn on the motor to make sure the motor is running. So when you want to drive the car, it is all oiled and ready."

That's not all. Carmen Dell'Orefice also recently walked the catwalk in Singapore for Digital Fashion Week. Looks like nobody's holding back this 83-year-old vixen!

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It is a great attitude.  And she is very beautiful.  

i'll bet she's a real banshi under the covers .. 

I think all of us who are over fifty and still kicking arse stand up for age!  Men and women.  We're still alive, bully for us.

Yes, she is beautiful, but not to put a whammy on this, I read that every single person whose pictures are regularly in magazines have photoshoppers working on those pics to make them perfect.  We can never live up to that.

I saw Emmy Lou Harris last night on Austin City Limits.  She is another white haired beauty.

ain't she tho ?? i have to admit that most women don't look all that good with grey or white hair but emmy lou seems to pull it off .. i think she's the exception rather than the rule tho .. most women who go grey will look a good 10 years or more older than their dyed counterparts .. not to be a wise ass or anything but women are like old cars .. the older they get the more work they'll need to keep em runnin and lookin good .. if it has tits or tires you're gonna have trouble with it .. but .. and theres always a big butt in there ain't there , probably cause i like big butts and i cannot lie .. but if you really do take care of your old car or a woman takes care of herself they can still be just as beautiful as they were when they were younger .. some old cars in really good shape will be worth more than a brand new car ..and i think its the same for an older woman for so many reasons .. young girls don't have a clue yet .. they might have these beautiful bodies but they're like a bull in a china shop .. they don't really know what it is they're doin with em .. they're like dynamite .. with a short fuse .. its only with maturity that they finally come into their own .. like a fine wine .. of course there are some wines if you wait too long that will turn to vinegar so if you don't use it you'll lose it .. i guess i'm one of them lucky guys that was always attracted to women that were close to my own age .. i know some poor bastards that are still searchin for that proverbial 35 year old .. and if they found her ? just what are they gonna do with her ?? its not like some little puppy that followed you home .. oh shit no ... its more like a baby bear .. cute for a little while till they get big enough to eat your house .. if a 35 year old followed me home i'd be afraid .. very very afraid .. don't get me wrong tho , for about 15 minutes i might get stupid enough to think i could keep her .. but i'd wise up real quick and get very very afraid .. i have a girlfriend now who's only 6 years younger than me and i'm sleepin with one eye open ..     

I think it's a myth that women of a certain age aren't interested in sex...this lady is a different generation than us...I don't think it pertains anymore. Given good health and heathy self esteem and a willing partner, I think most women would be interested.
I can't really relate to her...she seems to have relied on her appearance for her livelihood which is fine for her but few can...fortunate genetics, great lighting, and no doubt some photoshopping...fantasy but not realistic.




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