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Music figures huge in my life. It is the vehicle of so many emotions...

Are there any songs that thrill you, make you smile,or make you weep, that remind you of a particular lover, or that a loved one "dedicated" to you?

Post as many songs as you wish. The more the better!

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I will always remember My Beloved singing this to me...his huge eyes sparkling, a smile on his lips, the breeziness of the melody matching the moment and the joy we felt perfectly.



(Darned Youtube won't let me embed this one...Grrr)




Oh, I agree, Marty!

I adore Eva Cassidy...I lived in Washington, DC, for many years and was priveleged to see her in person. Her life, though short, was a gift to all of us.

Great cover! Beautiful....



Tha gaol agam ort, M'Annsachd...Mòran taing. Go mbeannai Dia duit. 


mmm mm mmm....

I love this man. And this probably remains my fave of his songs.

I just saw him in concert for the 3rd time in the last year.

He melts me. Did I mention that I love him? My partner indulges this extracurricular heartthrob of mine. '-)


I hope you enjoy this...

Hooray, hooray! (Leaping for joy!!!) It's the fabulous d's girl!!!!  Hello, Love!!!! Thank you for posting!

You really turned me on to Amos Lee...one of the many gifts for which I will be eternally thankful (well, at least until I kick the bucket...hehehe). He really plucks the heart strings.

Give your Mr. Beautiful a kiss for me, will you?

I will. It's great to 'see' you here! 

Here's a song I heard today that really moved me. I'd never heard a recording of it by Eva Cassidy.

She was so talented.

Oh, yeah, Eva was a wonder. Thank God her music goes on...This one gets to me. I hadn't seen it on Youtube...thanks for bringing it!

You know what the lyrics mean to me. "Wonder this time where he's gone, wonder if he's gone to stay...ain't no sunshine when he's gone, and this house just ain't no home, anytime he goes away..."

Love you.




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