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The All Drift All the Time Group is drifting along without a captain. Chez Moi took a break for the French mushroom season and has not returned. George Richards set up a Mediterranean cruise for the month of November, jumped ship in Rome and is no longer with us. The cruise supposedly ended on November 31 (suspicious date right there). Regardless, we sort of expected people to start showing up after December 1, but no such luck.

Speculation between the two drifting survivors as to the fate(s) of the LOST at sea range from mushroom mishaps to romantic swashbuckling kidnappers to Bermuda Triangle dislocations. Where is Chez Moi and how hot is her pirate king? Will the surviving LOST drifters please check in and relieve our anxieties?

At any rate, without Chez, the light on the mast of the drifting raft has gone out and we are definitely all at sea.

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I think there were pirates and Marines involved. I was kicking back on the lido deck one second and the next I woke at home. Lost my Louis bag somewhere out there too. :-(
I've been wondering about what has happened to Chez Moi as well. I hope all is well with her and that she'll return soon. :(




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