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For what do you yearn? Is it a painful or piquant feeling?



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summer approaches...
i listen for your footsteps
the silence echoes

there's nothing harder

than missing that one sole thing

that you can not have

our moments flash by
barely time for one exchange
then waiting again

how long we have longed

answers to our life questions

faith carries us on

to be in your arms...
joyful in your warm embrace
home again at last

without hope's promise
love burns eternally bright
in this lonely room

we live in my dreams
endless bright images of
days that never came

take me away love
i wanna sleep in your arms
under star-strewn skies

drifting deep in space

oblivious by the world

finality waits

i understand, M.
the cacophonous quiet
stillness and waiting

A life examined
Longing to be fulfilling
Have I lived it well

Longing for presence
Yearning to know my life
Had meaning, purpose

Today am not sure
Continue to persevere
Search deeper within

Oh, Thally, sweet sister. This is the time in life for those questions and that searching, isn't it?

what i thought i knew
i now question ruthlessly...
certainty falters

was my life worthwhile?
did i really help at all?
was it all a waste?

we all walk this path
as life spirals to its end...
take my hand sister




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