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It's 90 here, what's happening where you are?

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Here in Florida at 7:15 p.m. it's 78.

Lilrain...I couldn't believe it reached 92 here in north Jersey today. The temps are supposed to dip into the high 60s a couple of days but Wednesday it's supposed to be 95!

93 here in the Commonwealth today. Pretty, though. No humidity...blue skies. Dropping 20 degrees for tomorrow, though, with intermittent rain. I have to go for a sleep apnea test tomorrow night, down in Fredericksburg. I really don't want to drive down at night in the rain because of my cataracts, but I want to get it over with. Gonna stay pleasant here all week, with a little rain once in a while. My plants need it.

91 today and clear but going down to 74 tomorrow and rain - first rain in a couple weeks

Good luck with your test Karin. I’ve had that for 15 years but don’t use the CPAP like I should.

To be 80's today- but may see 90's tomorrow.

Good luck Karin- don't expect a lot of sleep.

Good luck with your sleep apnea test,Karin.

It's 48 at 8:30 AM here in NW MT and it''s been raining since yesterday..badly needed, as it''s been way too dry. Looks like about 1.5" in the rain gauge and the forecast is for rain through Wed. Temp might make it to 70 on Thursday. I need to mow again soon, so hope things dry out by the weekend, but I did get beans, lettuce and radishes planted on Sat, so the rain is good, but need to get some more stuff in the ground soon.

Cool wet 74 degrees today in Texas. I got 6 inches one day last week.

Ninety five yesterday, in the sixties today.

I got about 12 inches yesterday.

Hot and humid here today. Yesterday was beautiful in the 60’s.




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