TBD on Ning

I miss tbd so so much
but i guess Ill just write and if i ever see another person i know from the old tbd
ill be so so happy :)

starting over sux at my age
i finally got out on some dates
and they were nice enough
good men
nice men
but non that gave me the chemistry
that i have always had with the men i have loved

the men i have lusted over
the men i have given my heart to
my self to

the men

i have loved men

since i was a first grader i knew i wanted a man to love me well at that time of course, a boy

he gave me jewelry and showed me signs that he liked me back.....
he was the first boy that i liked too

somewhere along the line he lost interest maybe when my mom made me give the jewelry back because it was probably his mom's ........so she said.....

then there was the first mexican boy who liked me
and my mom told me it wasnt right to like someone "like him"
because he was mexican......then there was my first steady boyfriend........

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Thanks Carl
very well put :)
hope you are doing well




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