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A man in Utah wrote his own obituary and in it he confessed to some minor (and some not so minor) crimes and pranks.  Maybe this was his way of granting himself absolution?

Would you confess to anything in your obit?  Or would you take all your secrets with you?









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My first true love, I gave her a ring to prove my love.

Her finger turned green.

She must of had a birth defect as I paid fifty cents for the ring.

Yes I still love her.

Is her finger still green?

Must of been a fluke.

When she took the ring off, it went back to normal.

Signed: The Big Spender from the East.

I will be taking all my secrets with me.     :-)

Goldilocks, just tell us one secret.

I'll get her to tell me, then I'll tell you.




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