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Here's another one......guess this one and then keep it going.  Keep me guessing, post your best weird images...


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Ummmm... no! Try again - you don't want one of these looking at you.
It's my pet spider, Agamemnon.
You're right, Snaggy, and a cutie pie he is!
Come on....there are still some mysteries in life....

those are new sprouts on a potato...
Shut up Mr Smartie Pants.....:-]
pin a blue ribbon on you!!! Now, post something.....
Okay, Yankee Girl....what is it???

Can you make that smaller? Just wondering......:-D
that was as small as I could get it...makes it more difficult you see....;-)
Bob, I zoomed that up to 400% and it still doesn't look like much. I hope it is not the hair on your arm; if it is, you have a definite skin problem!





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