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"Sock it to me!"

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Yeah Yeah, Henry Gibson, now you got me LMAO
Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the telephone operator

"One ringy dingy, Two ringy dingys"
OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !
Look that up in your Funk and Wagnells
LMAO you are too good !!!!! This is great. lmao
wasn't there an Uncle Al ? who played that character? I forget.
And this is why I'm posting its nearly morning some where.


And Goldie caused me a to hurt my rotor cup at an early age.
Ha! I found this... "If [so-and-so] married [what's-his-name], divorced him and married {etc.}" The purpose being to try to set up a tongue-twister, involving the last names of celebrities.
Example: "If Rosemary Clooney married Regis Toomey. divorced him and married Mickey Rooney, divorced him and married Paul Muni, divorced him and re-married Regis Toomey, she'd be Rosemary Clooney Toomey Rooney Muni Toomey!"
...and if Ida Lupino married Don Ho, she'd be Ida Ho...
Hi, Whozzo!
*The preceding was recorded earlier because it didn't make much sense to prerecord it later.*
Ernestine? Is that you?
They did a segment of a large family of redheads called the Farkles. They would introduce the kids and the last two were "Simon and Gar Farkle." The one person clapping at the close of the show.




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