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"Sock it to me!"

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You bet your sweet bippy I do.
say good night, Dick. Good night Dick.
Veddy interestingk.
And Lilly Tomlin as a little girl in huge chair saying , " and that's the truth" ... sticking out tongue.

Iove those videos!
Did I win a finger??????
heeyah come da judge, heyah come da judge.

Or was that Flip Wilson?
LMAO that was Flip Wilson, but he may have started on Laugh In.... hmmmm lol This is fun !
Ruth Buzzey sitting on the park bench saying to the old man after swatting him with her purse.

LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!
Remember... A Poem by Henry Gibson ???? LMAO This is crackin me up, bringing back memories. lol
Worms by Henry Gibson

I can not come to terms
with worms




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