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Hello and Welcome to all that come by our humble lounge. Please sit and have coffee and breakfast or we also have take out if you need to get to work. A place for people to come in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Leave a message and say hello, we are so glad that you stopped by to visit us.

Ladyg - Owner
Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender



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:) Thank you, Lynn!!!!!

ok, she's got one for each hand, now!

i took some of those cookies to my lifeguard friend (he scarfed 'em down!) and was talking about my rum-soaked raisins.  he told me about a friend of his who'd soaked fresh strawberries in some kind of clear liquor -- he thought it was moonshine -- and they turned white, but eating 4-6 of 'em would give you a buzz!

so, my next trick, come spring when the good berries show up in stores, is gonna' be to try soaking strawberries in some vodka -- potato vodka, for me -- and see how that works.  a week, a month, we'll see how long it takes!  if it's like my marinated blueberries (in vodka), the vodka tastes wonderful, but the berries, not so great, they get a funny texture.

Wow please let me know how that turns out with the strawberries, cool.

will do....

That's right Lynn.......she will not be exhausted forever. I hope it will be over with me soon, have to take some test Monday hope they find out what's going on.

oh, this isn't some transient infection, drat.  please keep me posted?

I will Lynn.............

And me too Ladyg, keep me posted that is!!!

I'm Back very slowly moving...as I went to Wally world, had to get meds...and

a humidifer...for my room!! and didn't get a riding cart, so now body is not





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