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Hello and Welcome to all that come by our humble lounge. Please sit and have coffee and breakfast or we also have take out if you need to get to work. A place for people to come in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Leave a message and say hello, we are so glad that you stopped by to visit us.

Ladyg - Owner
Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender

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Mary, do you think it will be ok to leave this discussion up for the entire month of December or open it everyday?

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Lynn made it and found us Mary.

LOLOLOL  Yep she sure did!!!!

I think it would be cool to leave it up all month just to see if others come in and

check out your Party Palace!!! At least try it for this month, and see what happens.

i agree, plan to leave it up month by month.  we can continue to gather on Saturday nites for more intense interactions, but stopping by during weekdays will be an option too.  if that doesn't work, then we'll invent something else.


i didn't check FB yet, but you've gotta' get up early in the morning to get ahead of me -- i found your post on thinkbedo, and tracked you down!  surely you didn't think you could escape, did you?

i'll be back tomorrow night!  might be a more lively party than what we're used to, tee hee!

Yayyyyyyyyy me too!!!! for sure...............oh Ladyg I love what you've done!!!!

Lynn are u by chance are you still here?

back, what's up?

Cool Beans....Ladyg's pc cut out...she will be back up in about 30 mins or so

bummer that she's still having connectivity issues.  ugh.

sweet dreams to you, see you sometime saturday!




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