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Good news. I need a knee replacement. (I've had 2 hips replaced, 3 back surgeries, orthoplasty R foot, ETC...     Who has experience with this? how long before I can walk, or say...take a trip to San Francisco for 2 week? I need to prove my back is structurally sound before he'll do it, and I have rehab 3x a week for a month(!!!) no painkillers, before I qualify. Please share your happy experiences. (i'm going to HSS in NYC) Love, Mother (lost my) Sanity.

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I'm thinking you've been through worse. I can't help you, but I've heard that some recuperate faster than others. I hope you're one of the ones who are up and about in no time. One thing I'm sure of, you'll be glad you had a knee replacement.
I hope so, Lar. I hope so. Thanks. Love, Jackie
I had bilateral knee replacements last October. It was not easy but worth it in the long run. I also had to do PT before the surgery and then for 12 weeks after. The knees themselves were not as bad as I thought they would be. However some of the medicine they gave me made me very sick and it took weeks to figure out that it was the meds. If I can help you with anything let me know.
god bless you. I'm really sick of the pain, was just in the hospital for renal failure...wound up being the narcotic. love, jackie
dang, good luck.
I had a broken tibia, a horse kicked and shattered it.
Surgery hurt like hell.
It is OK now.

i feel bad for you what a bummer.
Thanks few or the sympathy. There have been quite a few of these things, never enough pain killers. I've learned to detest doctors. To think that I might have married a docctor,,,oh god! Love you, Jackie




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