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This sure beats Wisconsin weather although the weather here has been effected negatively by the polar attack on the U S of A. Even though I strutted around in new knee high black socks, bermudas, and matching white belt and shoes......I drew little interest from the ladies......go figure.....here I am in the land of head and not a nibble........maybe tomorrow I'll try a comb over. On the plus side...... in Wisconsin I was reduced to being one of' the 'walking dead'......mall walking in endless circles with other oldsters.........here in Hilton Head I get to walk on beaches and look at the ocean.

Luckily the timeshare complex I'm renting from has a full array of activities....bingo, sand dollar painting, team trivia, movie of the week etc...........I'm starting to think Savannah and hookers.......although I am conflicted because of my respect for women........oh look....the resort has a craft extravaganza.......where's my wallet....I'm out of here.

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I knew you were a big fan of the genre'. The only film that I was not proud of was 'Choking the Chicken'.....I'm kind of an animal rights advocate.........other than that I have a very impressive body of work.

Now I've gotten invited to a corn hole tournament (seriously). Either my porn experience is public knowledge or corn hole has a different meaning in the South.

This could be interesting......or not. 

I am thinking you might miss this one...neither definition of the activity promises a positive outcome. Perhaps taking a voyuer approach from a safe distance would give the opportunity to observe, yet maintain the safety concerns...Then if positive outcome seems likely.....charge ahead. I have complete faith in your judgement in these matters. Oh, after my return from Spain I find the bail money fund, though dented, is still sufficient for you to feel free to explore the posibilities of Hilton Head.

Oh  heck..if you get "in trouble" I'll chip in to get you out. However you do get 3 meals and a bed free...

Thanks dwalt and Dell it's comforting to know that you both stand behind me......figuratively.

I have considerable jail experience.....in fact I got in touch with my feminine side while incarcerated. Sometimes early in the morning while 1/2 awake I put my boxers on backwards forgetting that I'm no longer in prison.

Never thought about that but good thinking.  I bet you never dropped the soap either.

Thanks again dwalt.....you are so complimentary........it greatly helps my fragile self esteem. As you can imagine I still have many issues to work through. Luckily Bubba is doing a life term so I feel somewhat safe. At heart I'm a manly, man.........I intend to stop writing to Bubba one of these days. 

Well I hate to break it to you but I'm sure he has a new "friend".

Thanks.......I needed that.

Hey, anything for you.  We have been friends so long I just had to tell you.

Well if I can do anything for you........once your back is better........just let me know.

Well there is always the issue of your insurance money.  Remember I know where the bodies are.




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