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This sure beats Wisconsin weather although the weather here has been effected negatively by the polar attack on the U S of A. Even though I strutted around in new knee high black socks, bermudas, and matching white belt and shoes......I drew little interest from the ladies......go figure.....here I am in the land of head and not a nibble........maybe tomorrow I'll try a comb over. On the plus side...... in Wisconsin I was reduced to being one of' the 'walking dead'......mall walking in endless circles with other oldsters.........here in Hilton Head I get to walk on beaches and look at the ocean.

Luckily the timeshare complex I'm renting from has a full array of activities....bingo, sand dollar painting, team trivia, movie of the week etc...........I'm starting to think Savannah and hookers.......although I am conflicted because of my respect for women........oh look....the resort has a craft extravaganza.......where's my wallet....I'm out of here.

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Walking on the beach and looking at the ocean, and others who gravitate to the oceans is a good thing. Though I believe it might work better on the beach if you exchange the knee highs and white shoes for open sandals and barefeet. The white shoes should still be fine for the mall, but beach people are different from mall people. They seem to like exposed toes? IMHO.

ps. did the craft extravaganza have any of those shells with the predrilled holes for bracelets?

Thanks for the advice Dell. Do you think I should attend the craft extravaganza? I was thinking about going to 'make your own ice cream sundae' as I do have a creative side.

Do they have fun activities in Spain.......or are they still battling the Moors?

Keep the bail money handy......the chances of me legally entertaining myself appear to be dimming. I did buy some Dr. Dre headphones....that plus the ponytail hanging from my bald head should send the message that I'm a 'happening' guy. 

Uhh, lose the white belt as well....Just trying to help.  Oh, and put your credit card on your forehead, that always helps.

I kind of feel like I'm just a piece of meat..........and I like the feeling.

Beats being a chicken any day.

Thanks for the laugh this morning uno, if you fit the description you put out it would be even funnier. I have seen some of those fellas when I was walking the beach here looking for ocean glass.

Good luck, Uno.  Your time is coming.  I feel it in my bones.  Blow off the craft thing and chill.

Golden futures for us, lol.  Bleh!

Certainly go to the extravaganza.....That is where all the single women hang out....

geez uno, you're missing the boat here....think of it....not just getting laid but getting paid too....your dream come true...a new source for retirement income!

Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn

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The DVD box of a pornographic film starring Shigeo Tokuda, left

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Several years ago I was on the cutting edge of elder porn. I'm surprised that you don't recognize me as I made several popular 'short' films. My screen name was Jiffy Lube. I'm quite proud of my film work.....I put in an honest day's work as anyone who has ever been paid based on piece work can verify. 

ohhhhhh was that you in that one: 'the dentist'....he fills your cavities!'? that deserved an oscar..tho some people said it left them feeling limp. i guess it all depends on your position...nice chair work tho




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