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"Your good and true friends

are your umbrella

against the hail stones

of life."


Tell me what you think?

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But of course!

Very true; I can use all the umbrellas I could get right now.

sheesh, me too! But I've been thinking about another posting along this line so maybe you have some  advice and opinion. I believe that people have given up on common courtesy. As in, if you leave a message for a friend/relative, it is not returned unless they are expecting a gift of one sort or another. People expect 'you' to call back and even get angry when you don't. Also, it seems that no one write letters anymore, my own kids and grand kids included. When you smile and say hello to passers by  on the street, people seem afraid and turn away or pretend not to hear/notice. People don't say please and thank you. Is it just me or have you noticed it in your daily life?

Keeping you in my prayers.

What a wonderful thought to wake up to michael! And so true. Good, and true friends, (in my experience) are rare, and should be treasured.

=0) There's a very tight community here and people can be very polite. They are also gossipy and downright nosy but they are old fashioned in many ways. THE MOST polite drivers in North America. I think their social skills are very evolved for what some would consider backwoods bumpkins. I hide a lot because I don't want to know Aunt Martha's deepest darkest secret or how the guy a couple of towns over had a fling with his cow. That kinda traumatizes me. Futhermore , none of these guys driving turnip trucks ever fell off of one. Don't kid yourself. At least not while they were sobah.

At one point in life they were my life savers, the universe has taken me on a long trip over rocks and bridges and logs in the river not to mention a tight rope or two. Now I have obtained the brain muscle to not sweat the small stuff, life is good I know how to get over those bumps and rocks by myself.

I do value my friends I'm just not so needy of them anymore.

"Needy" hmmm. I wish I could understand. The people around me seem to need me, I have set up my life so I need no one.  At least not in a financial way. What I do need is more mental.  Lighsighs, tell me about your dreams and what you are hoping for.

Most of my dreams have already come true in this lifetime, I've traveled to most places I want to go, I have lived large and decided I like it better having a simple life. 

What I would like to do is accomplish a few personal things like paint a painting that I am satisfied with and have a group of friends to hang with that are fun and still like to take a few risks in life. The close friends I've had are scattered far away and I do miss them. I hope to have more of that fun in the future. I am hoping to be more enthusiastic about every day gifted to me and use it up instead of let it pass by.

Aaah, the simple life, isn't it funny that we always return to that? I too have traveled (though I'm not done) but I've been recently talking to a contractor who might build me a house like my grandma had.

Really! I want a potbelly stove in the livingroom.  A 2 burner cook stove in the kitchen (though I will of course have modern conveniences), a wood burning fireplace, etc.

Lighsichs, I wish I was rich so I could give your dream.

my friends are all weird(except for me)

Hmmm, I think flipper just called me weird. But that's OK, he's right.




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