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Do you have a junk drawer at your place? Where is it.....kitchen, bathroom, garage? Do things turn up there that defy description and you don't know where they came  from or where they go?? Is it organized or really neat???  Post pictures.....i dare you.

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Two in the kitchen. One in the hall upstairs.


Here's what I don't understand about me...why would I keep loose nuts and bolts? If I didn't use them the first time why would I need them again. And, the allen [sp?] wrenches??? Everything includes an allen wrench so why don't I just throw them away?

Why do I have saddle soap? And, pipe cleaners? One side of velcro, a drill bit--no drill, just a drill bit?????


To quote a certain green-eyed blond who comes up with her own '"isms"  ......* about her purse* "I have everything I need in there plus some things I don't need that might come in handy." That's the reason for a junk drawer full of loose screws and drill-less drill bits.
Hey...it works for me!


You are a woman after my own heart....

I mean that in the most...plutonic way...uhhh...er...*sheesh*

 One never knows when the situation arrives that you know exactly what you need for that...and you've got it...somewhere in the  junk drawer...somewhere...in there...

Allen wrenches are very cool.  Never know when that nut will come in handy.  How 'bout twisties? 

Best of all....duct tape...lot's of it.

Yes, Jaylee & Quinn, we're cut from the same cloth. I need a measuring tape & I can't throw keys away, JUST in case they'll wind up being to something I need the key for. Which undoubtedly, if I threw the keys away I would promptly need them! And of COURSE you may need those stray nuts, bolts & allen wrenches, Quinn - WHAT are you thinking?!

Oh, duct tape, Jaylee.... it holds the universe together.


My newest thing.... zip ties. The things you can do w/zip ties!!


What about little things that you have no idea what they are? Do y'all save those? And little broken bits of things. I might get around to fixing them someday.

Always save what you don't know what they are......they might come in handy. You just never know.
I KNOW. (said like Kati_did) (inside joke)

O, I forgot about keys!

And, duct tape is a given, as is WD40...If it moves, tape it; if it doesn't, oil it...

Oh! Quinn! I need some WD40 for the latch on one of my back doors on my Rover. Can you come over & bring your WD40 w/you please? (I have Merlot '-)


I am on my way...

Yay! '-)
...What about little things that you have no idea what they are? Do y'all save those? And little broken bits of things...

Yes! Little bits of rubber that look they go on something...
Adapters, I have adapters. I don't know what they belong to, but just in case...




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