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Do you have a junk drawer at your place? Where is it.....kitchen, bathroom, garage? Do things turn up there that defy description and you don't know where they came  from or where they go?? Is it organized or really neat???  Post pictures.....i dare you.

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Well.....roll on Soul's. :-)

Does anyone need any WD-40?

I have four cans.

I'll trade you two rolls of duct tape and an adhesive to be named later for two cans of WD-40.

I have enough duct tape to build a house.

If you have any sandpaper though, I'll trade for that.


Oh, I've got sandpaper.  Does it have to be brand new?  I've saved several used pieces....just in case.
If it's been used, isn't it...um...not sandy anymore?
There are several degrees of 'not sandy'......Girls, sheesh!!!
Junk drawers everywhere in the house.  Throw in kids in the mix and you never know where something will end up.  All drawers become junk drawers.  Usually on the floor somewhere but they actually will stick something in a drawer. Colored pencils, remotes to who knows what, a package of fish hooks, a computer mouse. (which is probably as close to deadrodents as I'll get)




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