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Do you have a junk drawer at your place? Where is it.....kitchen, bathroom, garage? Do things turn up there that defy description and you don't know where they came  from or where they go?? Is it organized or really neat???  Post pictures.....i dare you.

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Adapters! I'm gonna have to start a box just for adapters.

A girls' gotta have anything...just in case..you know....:-D

♥ yuz guyz

"in case" comes up pretty regularly for me. '-)


omg - LOL! - that reminds me -I had such a scare for a few minutes today... but explaining it here would be WAY TMI. ;-p


Okay.... how do people get the hearts to post? And what about accent marks over words? And tildes? And what about upside down "?" & "!" cuando estoy escribiendo en español? See?! there's a tilde & an upside down ? that I need right now! help!

Type in your Google search bar "Alt key codes" and you'll see how to type every thing possible using the alt key and your number pad.  For instance a heart is made by holding the alt key down and striking the number 3     ♥

Thanks for asking the question, d's girl, and thanks for the answer, Bob!  I've been wondering how to get those little hearts and musical notes.

I put one of the sites into my Favorites for reference.

You are welcome.......I was taught by my Sweetie.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♥ ♪ ♫ ♫      

☼   û

My pleasure...in "alt talk"..sorta..

:=)   ♥

Thanks, Bob! £
ummm..... my alt key/number 3 produced the English pound symbol! :-(
Make sure 'num lock' is on and then only use the # keypad on the far right...♥

Tx, Jaylee, but I think it's b/c I'm on a Mac.


Let's see....


To Jaylee, from d's girl... ❤


ha! how cute is THAT? '-)


and for all of you up north right now... ☃




oh, boy, am I gonna have some fun! ✎


at my house right now I need an ☂






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