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Why is it important to the American people whether or not John Edwards had/has a mistress?

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If I recall correctly the lady in Packwood's case was an unwilling participate.
Ole Packwood was one of those touchy, feely kind of guys.
When he kissed his secretary, all hell broke loose.
Hey, don't pick on John, he's a lawyer striving to achieve the high standards of that profession.
Q: What happens when you throw a lawyer into a pool full of sharks?
A: Nothing. It's called professional courtesy.
No Lynda the hiking BS was the sleazy governor of South Carolina. John just did it with his videographer. No wonder there's a tape.
A judge here in N.C. has found Andrew Young in contempt for refusing to turn over the 'sex tape' that he stole from Ms. Hunter and yet Mr. Young has not found himself in jail. I find it disturbing that Mr. Young and Ms. Hunter are getting a free pass in the midst of all this scandal while Mr. Edwards is hangin' with "Slick Willy" in Haiti.
Ahem. Update. Actually the couple are complying with the order and are not in contempt - yet. They have until Tuesday to gather all the bits and turn it all over. They didn't 'steal" the tape - it was (so the Young's stated under oath) abandoned by her at their residence.

Edwards is back in N.C. hiding by the sea and hitting on local waitresses according to local news. Guess there was not enough privacy for him (or luxury) in Haiti. I've heard from local sources that he was useless there and just managed to get in the way. People gave him a wide berth. He also skedaddled before Clinton arrived. He (Edwards) wasn't given a choice.

As to the question - when one is applying for the position of elected office, (never mind holding high elected office) it's reprehensible. This is America, not France. It is not our culture, and as such it is distasteful at the very least, and it is utterly indefensible in the case of Edwards.
I have no intention to run for public office. Any hot chicks want to fool around.




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