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Ok! So maybe I did. I couldn't really enjoy it, because in all virtuality, it came from Robbie and TBub.

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I keep her medicated.
Hey!! How did I get fingered for this groping incident? I was on the other side of the room. I would never grope Pru. I'm too much of a southern gentleman. Shut up Wanda. You too Sandra. Kathy Arlene and Power girl will vouch for me I'm sure. Well there was that one incedent with akabukowski, But we were both drunk.
You and TeeBub told me too! Yes it is your fault. I did it for you two so I didn't really get the full enjoyment out of it. I could never do something like that on my own.

*Bull seriously considers a little trip to Texas*
Maricel suggested a "GROUP GROPE". That would solve your dilemma.

I love the idea. A tbd group grope. It would fall somewhere between a group hug and an orgy.
I'm on my way!!!!
Unfortunately, our theme song is not available on YT.

Maybe Snagg has a copy he can play for us.
Knowing Snagg, he'll play number 6. That Chez is a sneaky one! She had this planned all along.
I think you're right, Robbie... lmbo




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