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It's The 'Let's Be There For Larry Day, Because He Is Going To Need Us' Thread

Folks---I am calling upon your humanitarian spirits towards humanity to serve as a beacon in an opportunity to be there for one of our own today, and that person would be--

Larry Kremis!

Here's the story. Larry--by some fault of sympathy for the underdog, have been a lifetime Pittsburgh Stealers, (whoops--sorry) Steelers fan. I know--I can almost hear all of your combined 'What?' and "Oh my gosh!! I thought Larry was an intelligent man!'-isms. But we must remember Larry is a man of compassion...and as such, tends to offer his support to those who might not other wise have any support to speak of.

So what seem to be the problem? Well tonight...there will be this game...where Larry's Steelers...will be forced to play...against..Oh gosh---I hate tormenting Larry this way...but it just got to get out there! The Stealers--(oops--I did it again! Sorry!) Steelers will be playing The (7 and 1) Denver Broncos!! (Ok--Every one in one collective voice here--ready? Oh No!! Poor Larry!)

As you can see, this is not a matter to be horsing around with. Especially in light of the fact that Larry is under the belief that The Stea...Uhmm That Pittsburgh might actually be able to win this game. Yes!! it is true!!! You can see the problem now--don't you?

So this is why I am calling for u to be there for larry today. Larry have provided years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years of laughter for his fellow humanity. Now it is time for us to return the favor. We have to 'be there' for him today. We got about 12 hours from the time of this posting to soften the blow of reality. We need to prepare him for the event, (The realistic event), of a great disaster that will be presented right before Larry's very eyes tonight. We must all be willing to hold Larry's hand and let him know, it is all ok--because like he Supports The Ste...Uhmmm...Pittsburgh...we are there to offer him, our moral support.

So..who is with me on this incredible journey today, where we must 'be there to support Larry'?

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I like the Pittsburhg Squealers, I mean the Stealers (AKA Steelers). But, sorry Larry, (no not really) but I grew up in Colorado and have been a Bronco's fan since forever.

Pittsburgh Squealers!!!

What have you been smoking HEART? There is a lot of thread here to have to eat. Want some fries with that? Steelers rule Monday nights, even if we have to travel 1 mile in altitude. Sure, not all of our players can play at that altitude, due to blood disorders and all, but we'll have enough, we usually do. I'll be staying sober for this one, probably.
I am hoping you have enough boxes of kleenix' to make it through the game, Larry. Also--have a muffler available--just in case you have to downplay the loud crying, screaming, and whining u might feel compell to do as well. Oh--and one last thing--it might not be a bad idea to put a bullet proof vest over the TV. Not that I would think u would take drastic measures tonight--I am just staying...just in case!
I found an old jock strap...just how much support does Larry need ? Do we need to go with the hard cup ? Honestly , I wanna help support him in any way I can !
Thanks Janice, I appreciate your "support".

BTW, remember when Jack was about 2 or 3 and he would always tell on you. He did it again a short while back. He told of you driving 100 mph plus. He's such a tattle tale.
I just want to compliment you on this post
I hate to admit it Bull, (I really hate to admit it). It was very cleverly done.
That will work!!! That will most definitely work!!!
Larry's a big boy. He can stand on his own now and we have learned recently that he can still tie his shoes. He's not in the "velcro all the time" phase of life.

I'm pulling for the Steelers, Larry. I still have that inter-conference hang-up with the Broncos. I should be glad that one of the teams in our conference is doing well this year. *sniff*

lol. I feel your pain moosie. You can never get that Super Bowl back.
Thanks Ubu, Go Steelers!
I don't need no stinkin' girdle. Thank you very much.




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